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My recommend restaurants

1、Philippines restaurant in Mactan MARIBAGO GRILL Grilled spare rib and chicken.
2、German restaurant in Mactan MB's Everything is delicious & reasonable.
3、Philippines restaurant in Cebu City CASA VERDE You're satisfied with everything.
4、 Spanish restaurant in MactanHola Espana We can eat good & resonable foods compared to your country.
5、Thai restaurant in Manctan Krua Thai It's better to order Green chicken curry soup.


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Cebu is the best place to find something new!

It's been starting Sinulog Festival 2009.

If you wanna know about it, please check it out through "Sinulog Festival 2009".

You'll know exact schedule.


Sumilon Island, Cebu Resorts, Cebu, Philippines

Sumilon Island, Cebu Resorts, Cebu, Philippines

Location : Bancogon, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
Tel,No. : (032) 4810-0800, FAX (032) 4810-0801

Sumilon Island, Cebu-01
After going up steep road, you'll arrive this place.Sumilon's staff give you welcome necklace and tell you how to use their facilities.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-02
We booked a room as a Delux and asked them to prepare extra bed. We were satisfied with their facility.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-03
In side the room has Private toilet and shower with hot running water, Mini bar, Ceiling Fan, Air conditioning unit,Writing desk and dresser,Room to Room telephone and TV.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-04
This is about Private toilet and shower with hot running water.

Sumilon Island, Cebu Resorts, Cebu, Philippines

Sumilon Island, Cebu-05Sumilon Island, Cebu-06
This is about Mini bar.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-07
Out side the room has Private veranda with lounge chair, so you'll relax at this place.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-08
After checking in, we started to explore around Sumilon Island. This swimming pool is located near Sumilon's Restaurant, so you can see amazing view from the pool.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-09
This place where you can order beer and drinks inside Sumilon Island. We enjoyed drinking SMB hehehe.

Sumilon Island, Cebu Resorts, Cebu, Philippines

Sumilon Island, Cebu-13
This place where you can dine inside Sumilon Island.Inside this place you're able to play billiards and to buy some souvenir if you like.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-10
Next day we asked them to have scuba diving after breakfast. Sumilon Island has many famous spots to dive. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes for diving, as a result many divers love around Sumilon Island for it.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-11
Inside Sumilon Island has lagoon where you're able to borrow small boat to row.

Sumilon Island, Cebu-12
Sumilon's services and facilyties will make you happy, so I can recommend you to visit this place. In front of this place where you can enjoy snorkeling, but you need to care snorkeling spots, it depends on the time, so you need to ask Sumilon's staff where is good for snorkeling against from trouble.

Comment & Advice
This Island "Sumilon Island" is quite far from center of Cebu City, so it takes a long but don't worry about that. Sumilon's give you healing space and you'll enjoy your time.

Sumilon Island, Cebu Resorts, Cebu, Philippines

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