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My recommend restaurants

1、Philippines restaurant in Mactan MARIBAGO GRILL Grilled spare rib and chicken.
2、German restaurant in Mactan MB's Everything is delicious & reasonable.
3、Philippines restaurant in Cebu City CASA VERDE You're satisfied with everything.
4、 Spanish restaurant in MactanHola Espana We can eat good & resonable foods compared to your country.
5、Thai restaurant in Manctan Krua Thai It's better to order Green chicken curry soup.


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Cleverlearn English Institute Staff & Teacher's Video(Youtube)

Hello everyone!

I'll inform you about my recommend English school "Cleverlearn mactan" where I graduated and learned a lot thanks to their staff and teachers.

This time, I got special message from Cleverlearn's staff and teachers with their voice (Youtube).

This message is especially for Japanese who wanna visit Cebu for learning English at Cleverlearn Mactan.

Actually I'm an agent of Cleverlearn as a part time job(Japanese), so I want you to know what advantage is.

1st ※Cleverlearn's staff Message.


Special message from CELI's Staff.

2nd ※Cleverleran's Teacher(Message)


Special message from CELI's Teacher.

3rd ※Cleverleran's Teacher(Message)


Special message from CELI's Teacher.

This message is especially for Japanese student, so try to understand what they said through youtube video.

If you could not understand what they said, you replay the video again and again.

Cleverlearn school has good facilities and helpful staff and Teachers, so you can study comfortably with best environment.

If you wanna konw more about my recommend school "Cleverlearn Mactan".

Please visit my website which is written by Japanese "Study abroad in Cebu Island"

or visit my weblog "フィリピン留学ブログ" (=Study abroad in Philippines) is also written by Japanese, so you can comment and ask something you want.
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