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My recommend restaurants

1、Philippines restaurant in Mactan MARIBAGO GRILL Grilled spare rib and chicken.
2、German restaurant in Mactan MB's Everything is delicious & reasonable.
3、Philippines restaurant in Cebu City CASA VERDE You're satisfied with everything.
4、 Spanish restaurant in MactanHola Espana We can eat good & resonable foods compared to your country.
5、Thai restaurant in Manctan Krua Thai It's better to order Green chicken curry soup.


  • 2010.10.08 Friday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


abaca (Mediterranean Restaurant) Mactan Cebu

abaca (Mediterranean Restaurant) Mactan Cebu

Location : Punta engano road, Mactan island, Lapulapu City, Philippines
Tel No. : 032-495-8456
Detail : website

abaca is located between Kaisyu which is a Japanese restaurant and Shangri-La Hotel in Mactan. This is the gate of abaca which we need to ask their guards permission if you want to get inside the place.

This is the entrance of the restaurant which we need to tell some staff your name for dining.
If you want to dine in this restaurant, it's much better to reserve a table before you come.

This is the inside of the restaurant which has extremely gorgeous ambience so you can feel something inside the restaurant.
You'll be like celebrity or millionaire because of great atmosphere.

This is Bread which is for free so they provides us it first.

abaca (Mediterranean Restaurant) Mactan Cebu

This is Soup of Mushroom which is really delicious so it's much better to have it with bread.
My evaluation : ★★★★☆

Left wine is Fat bastard which is red wine so it's much better to order it for matching with meats. Right one is WILD PIG MROT. I'm sorry that I don't know about wine so I can't explain this taste...because I'm a beer lover.
Prices : 1260pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★
Prices : 1170pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★

This is ANTIPASTO which is good to order as an appetizer so you can taste various flavor.
Prices : 835pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★

This is SALAMI PIZZA which I can recommend you to order amd share with your company. When you visit here with your groups for dinig, it's much better to share it. Taste is suitable. 
Prices : 405pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★★☆

This is ANTIPASTO which

This is WHOLE CHICKEN which is terrific delicious and also you can share it with your company. I can recommend you to have it when you come here as a group.
Prices : 995pesos. I was satisfied with this taste & flavor.
My evaluation : ★★★★★

This is Foie Gras with srawberry jam which was not so delicious for me, because of strawberry jam. It was my first time to eat this meal which is famous in the world.
Prices : 665pesos.
My evaluation : ★★☆

This is Sauted Prawn with Risotto which is delicious and also you can taste two kind of dish at the same time.
Prices : 635pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★☆

This is Prime Beef Short Rib which is also with Risoto but not so good for me. I'm not a celebrity so I don't know that kind of taste.
It's really expensive among foods in abaca besides I can't recommend you to order this one.
Prices : 915pesos.
My evaluation :

abaca (Mediterranean Restaurant) Mactan Cebu

This is Scoop of ice cream which is made as a homemade in abaca. It's better to order this dessert after your dinner.
Prices : 175pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★★

This is TASTING PLATTER which is better to order with your group. All scoop ice are homemade by their staff so you'll be satisfied with those tastes.
Prices : 595pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★★☆

This is DESSERT PLATTER which you can enjoy your time because of elaborated desserts, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with meny kinds of confectioneries.
Prices : 845pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★★☆

Comments : Everything is expensive and also some meals are not so delicious.
It's much better to order Pizza and Pasta which are more reasonable prices and also delicious. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with perfect ambience inside this restaurant, you'll feel something great and gorgeous atmosphere.

Advices : This place has extremely gorgeous and terific ambience as a result you have a chance to do something with your partner especially your girlfriend, wife and also with your respectable person.
If you wanna propose your partner it's too easy for you to do that because of beautiful ambience which helps you a lot. I want you to come here with yur partner. I'm sure you'll be satisfied with this restaurant's ambience.
It's better to come here during your partner's birthday, abaca's staff will give you surprises so you just ask them about that.

abaca (Mediterranean Restaurant) Mactan Cebu


  • 2010.10.08 Friday
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  • 23:11
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  • by スポンサードリンク

Hi there,

Thank you very much sir for making my time worth it as i stayed at Hola Espana. It was one of the greatest times that i have.
Just wanna ask if Hola Espana Mactan is serving pizzas? if that would be, may i have its respective prices??

Thanks again. I am very excited to visit again Hola.

Have a great day!!!!
  • maria bagaan
  • 2008/06/11 10:23 AM
Hi, Ms. Maria bagaan.

Thank you for commenting to my website.



Of course Hola Espana in Mavtan serves you PIZZA.

There are 5 kinds of Pizaa.

1. Pepper Salami Pizza : 295 pesos.
2. Hungarian Pizza : 280 pesos.
3. Marinara Pizza : 295 pesos.
4. Vegetarian's Pizza : 265 pesos.
5. Chef's Pizza : 295 pesos.

The prices doesn't include tax & service charge, so you need to pay for it.

I hope you'll enjoy your lunch & dinner at Hola Espana in Mactan.

Have great time.

  • Nobu★
  • 2008/06/11 5:02 PM
your site is awesome! I just recently moved to Mactan and I find your site extremely useful!! Kudos to you!
  • Nadia
  • 2009/07/30 7:11 PM
Hi, Nadia.
Thanks for visiting my web-log about Cebu.
You're in Cebu right now, it's good for you to live there.
Actually I have't had enough time to upload my web-log...nowadays..

Anyway, I'll visit Cebu again this coming November in 2009 with my friends.

Before going there I'll try to upload more information about Cebu if possible.

Have great days.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/08/18 8:38 PM
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