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My recommend restaurants

1、Philippines restaurant in Mactan MARIBAGO GRILL Grilled spare rib and chicken.
2、German restaurant in Mactan MB's Everything is delicious & reasonable.
3、Philippines restaurant in Cebu City CASA VERDE You're satisfied with everything.
4、 Spanish restaurant in MactanHola Espana We can eat good & resonable foods compared to your country.
5、Thai restaurant in Manctan Krua Thai It's better to order Green chicken curry soup.


  • 2010.10.08 Friday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


CASA VERDE (Philippine rstaurant) in Cebu City

CASA VERDE (Philippine rstaurant) in Cebu City

Location : 69 V. Ranudo Ext., Cebu City
Tel No. : (032) 253-6472
Timetable : 11:00AM〜10:00PM

CASA VERDE is located between F.RAMOS street and JONES Avenue.
When you lost the way to CASA VERDE, you just ask someone around here.

The restaurant is always full with many people who love to dine here even on weekday, so it's really hard for you to dine at this restaurant especially during the weekends.

We dined inside the room this time, but it's much better to have a table outside.
If you use this room, it's much better to avoid the center table because of air-conditioner. It's really cold.

This is Brian's Baby Back Ribs with rice.
Prices : 128pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★
The taste is just ok, I'd prefer to eat this kind of food at MARIBAGO GRILL "Grilled Spareribs"
You can eat more delicious food there especially Grilled Spareribs.

CASA VERDE (Philippine rstaurant) in Cebu City

This is Salisbury Steak which is really delicious and also reasonable prices. I can recommed you to order it so you'll have a satisfaction.
You don't waste your money if you order this one I'm sure.
Prices : just 68pesos.
My evaruation : ★★★★★

This is Sizzling Squid which is common to eat here in Philippines, but it's better to order this one at AA BBQ, NEONEO.
Prices : 88pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★

This is Raffitas with Chiken and also you can choose the side-dish among Chicken, Beef and Combo.
Prices : it depends on the side-dish.
with Chicken : 100pesos.
with Beef : 111pesos.
with Combo : 123pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★

This is Raffitas which is used for three kinds of side dishes with some vegetables, cheese and souce.

CASA VERDE (Philippine rstaurant) in Cebu City

This is French Fries which we love and also good for your children if you have.
I can recommend you to order this one because of the prices.
Prices : 30pesos.
My evaluation : ★★★★★
Can you imagine the prices, it's amazing.

This is Caramare which is like a Fried Squid.
This one is also delicious.
Prices : I'm sorry that I forgot to note the prices.
My evaluation : ★★★★

These are desserts "Blueberry Cheese cake" and "Oreo Cheese cake" which are good to order after your meals.
Prices : 56pesos=Oreo cheese cake.
prices : 52pesos=Bluecheese cake.
My evaluation : ★★★★

Comments : Everything is extremely reasonable compared to another restaurants so I can recommend you to visit here.
You should come here if you visit Cebu.
Advices :
It's much better to order "Salisbury Steak" like hamburger steak with sunny side up egg. You'll be surprised the taste and the prices.

CASA VERDE (Philippine rstaurant) in Cebu City


  • 2010.10.08 Friday
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  • 18:24
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  • by スポンサードリンク

I always love Casa Verde, when I was still home I always go and dine here, baby back ribs is the highlight, not even here in Germany can beat that. I miss my country...
  • Cyrus
  • 2008/05/29 3:07 AM
Hi, Cyrus.

Thank you for comenting to my website.

In my case I always order SALISBURY STEAK which is also delicious and reasonable. I like to dine in CASA VERDE because of the price and delicious. Now you're in Germany!! It's quite far from here to there...
I hope you'll come back to Cebu near future and also dine in this restaurant with your family.

Have great days.

  • Nobu★
  • 2008/05/30 10:46 AM
really nice blog, and it's nice to see a foreign national such as yourself appreciate the beauty of our country as well as our food. :D
Hi, Wilhelmina!!

Thank you for saying that to my blog!! Yup I love your country very much!! People, foods, beaches and a lot!!
Please recommend my blog to your friends if it's ok!!

Have fun!!
hmmmm casa verde.first thing that comes of my mind is baby back ribs.best ribs in town.
  • chris
  • 2009/02/01 10:31 PM
Thank you for appreciating my hometown Cebu the way you do! I just ate out at casa verde (@ the walk) and had the dish Brian's Ribs. It was great! The corn was delicious. Also, just wanna say, this is really a great blog. I enjoyed the posts about Japanese restaurants very much coz I also highly appreciate Japanese culture and cuisine.Your posts gave me ideas where to dine next! Thanks heaps!
  • Dani
  • 2009/02/02 2:19 PM
Hi, chris.
Thanks for the comment.
I agree with your point, but I prefer to eat SALISBURY STEAK than it.
It because of our liking so Casa Verde provide us delicious foods all the time.
Enjoy your life.
Hi, Dani.
Thank you for visiting my weblog.
I'm happy what you said to my weblog.
Cebu is my favorite place to study English and explore for finding new spots.

Now I'm planning to go back to Cebu near future!!
I've been missing there especially SMB, SML and Red horse hahaha.
Hope I'll be there soon.

By the way I try to update more info about Cebu so you can get more info through my weblog where to dine next.
Have fan!!

I'll visit your blog later thanks.
inquire lng po..

lahat ba ng branch nyo accept ng credit cards?

thank you..
  • darling
  • 2009/03/24 3:18 PM
Hi, darling.
I'm sorry to reply late.
Bu the way, what do you mean by "lahat ba ng and nyo".
If you wanna know about it, please call to that restaurant.
I only know the number "(032) 253-6472" for this restaurant. CASA VERDE!!
I hope you'll enjoy your life.
hi Nobu!

Thanks for the reviews. This really give me a lot of info. I'll be celebrating my birthday next month and would like to have intimate dinner with friends. I'm contemplating of having it in Casa Verde or Pino. I really love blueberry cheese cake but my birthday falls on a sunday, so a lot of people will be dining at Casa Verde then Pino is a good venue since its spacious. :-) Good luck to you. i like your blog..well organize and neat.
  • em-em
  • 2009/04/18 7:00 AM
Hi, em-em.
Thanks for your comment and Happy Birthday in Advance.

Anyway, it's hard to have your birthday at CASA especially every weekend.
But, you know what, you can book a table for your special day in advance there.
I think it's good way to do that ASAP if you really wanna have dinner at CASA Verede and Pino on your birthday.

I hope your birthday will be great by your friends, family and yourself.

Enjoy your time.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/04/18 1:44 PM
I love Casa Verde too! I usually just order their baby back ribs. But the last time, I took a chance and ordered the Barbie Shrimps and it was amazing as well. Seems like you really like the salisbury steak in Casa Verde, i will try that next time.
  • Jane Amora
  • 2009/04/30 10:41 AM
Hi, Jane Amora.

Thanks for your comment.
Wow, Barbie Shrimps is also delicious there. I wanna try it next time.
Yup, Salisbury steak is my favorite cuisine, so I can recommend you to try it when you visit there.
Maybe you'll be satisfied with what I told.

Have great days.

hi!:) i really miss eating brian's ribs and lucie's combos..:) the food taste so great that i will make u ask for more..:) im such a big fan of casa verde and the desserts are soooo yummy!!! it's to die for. i wonder if casa verde is now open in ayala??:) hehehe.. keep it up!:)
  • anne
  • 2009/05/07 10:27 PM
Hi, anne.

Thank you for visiting my weblog!!
Yup!! It's sooooooooooo yummy!!

I'm sorry that I only know the place which is located on 69 V. Ranudo Ext., Cebu City.

Have great days!!


  • Nobu★
  • 2009/05/11 5:28 PM
Casa verde is my favorite dining place since i moved here to Cebu last year. I love the food and the atmostphere here. on the negative side, two things i want to bring up are (1) the management at casa verde is slowly bringing up the price. For many of us, the good price is the main reason why casa verde is popular among us. it is sad to see that each time i visited, the menu price went up a little. high price would definitely keep many of us from coming back. (2) at the newer locations at IT park and ayala, the low prices simply disappeared. Every dish are simply 20 to 30peso higher.If you like to visit casa verde,I would recommend the origin location near ramos and not paying a premium at the other fancier locattions
  • wayne
  • 2009/05/31 12:02 PM
Hi, wayne.

Thanks for commenting to my weblog.
You like Casa Verede too, that's great!

I appreciate that you gave me a good information about it, thank you!

I'm with your side, the price has been good for all of us, but it went up little...

When I visit there again, I'll have foods at Casa Verde on Ramos street.


  • Nobu★
  • 2009/06/14 4:21 PM
I love Casa Verde and its style, baby back ribs is my favorite, CV here i come, see you in August...
  • Bong
  • 2009/07/07 4:57 AM
Thanks Nobu, in August I will be coming home and of course coming back in in Casa Verde is a must, but it would be sad, because all of my friends who I went with before are all in abroad, but I believe memories remain. Germany is a great country but they don't have Casa Verde like we do have in Cebu.
  • Cyrus
  • 2009/07/07 5:03 AM
Hi, Cyrus.

Thanks for the comment and sorry to reply late.

Yup, you're right that memories remain with all of your good friends.

I hope all of your friends and you'll have great time in the future from now.


  • Nobu★
  • 2009/07/15 11:02 AM
Hi, Bong.

Thank you for visiting my weblog.

Yup, Baby back ribs is great cuisine at Casa Verde.

Have nice days.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/07/15 11:05 AM
Hello Mr. Nobu,
I have an upcoming birthday event for my daughter as she turns 1 ds coming Aug.15. Would it be possible for us to have our guest foods good for 50pax there at your restaurant and pls let me know your package menu.tnx
  • merryann
  • 2009/07/27 11:49 PM
Hi, merryann.

Thank you for visiting my web-log.

But, sorry I can not help your plan..
Actually I'm not an owner of this restaurant.
I just posted my experiences.
That's why, please ask them about it to call this number (032) 253-6472
I think it's better to book a table for your daughter's birthday ASAP.
This restaurant is always crowded so you need to call or visit there for asking your plan.

I hope your daughter will be satisfied and surprised with your prepared birthday party.

Please tell your daughter "Happy birthday in advance" from Japan.

Happy birthday in advance.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/07/28 11:50 AM
honestly, i love eating your baby back ribs! ive tasted other baby back but none compares to casa verde's bbr.. one time i was in cebu alone, i went to casa verde just to satisfy my hunger. i sat alone in one of the tables and gobbled the whole plate! heaven! they taste so yummy and i cant wait to get back to cebu and eat again...now that im 5 weeks pregnant. the mere thought of the ribs makes my mouth water.....
  • Jean
  • 2009/07/28 6:04 PM
asa naman?
  • 2009/08/02 3:11 AM
...I'm telling u da truth, i love eating back ribs so yummy talaga...and i promised 2 come back there soon. I wanna gret in advance happy B-day to Leona Gabrielle Alo.

from: ate lanzky
  • Lanzky
  • 2009/08/03 11:30 AM
Hi, Jean.

Thanks for commenting to my web-log.
Wow you're pregnant now.
I hope you'll visit there with your child for eating delicious meal "BBR".
Enjoy your life.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/08/18 8:34 PM
Hi, Lanzky.

Happy birthday "Leona Gabrielle Alo".

Thank you for saying that instead of owner of Casa Verde. Casa Verde's staff and owner will be satisfied what you said on my web-log.

Have great time with all happiness.

  • Nobu★
  • 2009/08/18 8:48 PM
Have you visited Casa Verde lately? my friends and I would always visit there.. great food with a reasonable price...

BTW, have new braches.. in I.T Park, and at Ayala terraces..

Bing bang sandwich is the best...

  • Dan
  • 2009/10/29 1:42 AM
Hi, Dan.

Thanks for the comment.

I've never been there so I wanna visit new branches at IT-Park and Ayala.

I'll be there next time.

Have great times.

  • Nobu
  • 2009/11/11 3:08 PM
the prices aren't right. i just ate there, though price is reasonable but price is not as indicated above.
  • 2010/03/29 8:08 PM
I love all the food at CASA VERDE Restaurant.Because of this I always recommend to all my Japanese and Korean students especially Brian Baby Back Ribs and the DAXX..
  • Rosie
  • 2010/06/06 2:59 PM
Hello Nobu,

Thanks to your site. Now I have lots of ideas on where to celebrate my Mom's birthday.
  • vicvic
  • 2010/06/16 10:48 AM
casa verde is not good promise, cos when me and my family dine in casa verde ramos, their BRIANS RIBS ? i was shck when i saw a very long hair! i think its like a hair of a girl. and one thing i hate their service because the moment your done eatinmg they immediately get my plate its like thier saying" you can go!" and i hate it..!! casa verde is not good i swear!
  • sarah jane perpetua
  • 2010/06/20 10:45 PM
Hi, Rosie.
Thank you for your comment.

That's good idea to reccomend your students to visite here especially for dinner.
Your Japanese and Korean students will like their foods and price.
Even, it's always crowded.
  • Nobu
  • 2010/06/27 3:58 AM
Hi, vicvic.

I hope you had a good time for celevrateing your Mom's B-day.

  • Nobu
  • 2010/06/27 4:03 AM
Hi, sarah jane perpetua.

I'm sorry to hear that.
By the way, did you tell their staff about your claim(hair in your food)?

I got your point about (You feel"You can Go"), but they're always busy during crowded so I reccomend you to change your mind that you got a space is in stead of they got your plate after eating done.
And we may feel not so good if table was a lots of plates and glasses.
I think they try to keep table is clean all the time..maybe.

If you could not change your mind, or feel bad, you should talk their manager directly about what you feel at that time.
  • Nobu
  • 2010/06/27 4:22 AM
my friend celebrated her birthday at casa verde recently, and we really had fun. the foods were delicious and not so expensive..That was my first time to dine there, but my twin sister always tell me about casa verde's foods and she was true, the food was great.
  • mai
  • 2010/06/30 3:56 PM
i heard that you serve the finest food... i want to go there and celebrate my boyfriend's birthday... can i have more information?
  • christine
  • 2010/07/05 3:31 PM
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hi Nobu,

I like your blog.it's very helpful. you might wanna check out STK restaurant the next time you visit cebu.!my Japanese friends loved to dine in at STK.
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